My Husband Thinks his Daughter is Perfect

There can be times where parents favor their children more than a normal amount. This is especially common when it involves stepchildren. Many mothers out there have had to say “my husband thinks his daughter is perfect”.

If you are a mother that is dealing with this issue, there are steps to take so you can fix this situation.

Parenthood can be a difficult thing to do and some parents tend to have favorites when it comes to their children. It is also common when it comes to a daddy and daughter connection.

Many fathers have a very close connection with their daughter to the point where they think they are perfect and it can sometimes cause problems between the mother.

My Husband Thinks his Daughter is Perfect.

Steps to Take When Husband Thinks his Daughter is Perfect

There are steps to take to fix this situation so it does not get worse as time goes on.

The reason for the concern is that the way he is treating her can end up backfiring as time goes on. She will get used to being treated perfectly and that can brainwash her into thinking she is perfect and can’t do anything wrong.

Many kids that are favored by their parents will do things they should have not done and will get away because they know their parents will still think they are great kids and that is what the daughter might be experiencing.

It is also a concern because if the daughter has siblings, that can cause the siblings to feel bad, annoyed, or even angry. They will start to resent both the sister and the father altogether which can divide the family and that is the last thing anyone wants to happen.

Another issue this might cause is that the daughter might start to favor the father more than the mother and that will make any mother feel sad and some might feel jealous. They will see that the daughter has a favorite parent and might not show the same friendship to her mother.

With all these things in mind, you will need to take action in fixing the situation without causing any trouble involving the daughter.

Identify When this Started

Before confronting the husband and escalating the situation, you should first think back and try to remember when this all started. Parents usually tend to notice a change gradually and not all of a sudden so think back and reflect on the times where you think he has favored his daughter a little too much.

Was it recently? Has it been going on for a long time?

You need to also ask yourself what makes you feel that way.

Does he giver her special treatment? Does he always favor her in decisions?

There are many questions to be gone over before approaching the husband because you want to come in with clear facts because making that accusation of him is not something to be taken lightly.

Talk to The Husband

When you have remembered the scenarios where your husband has made his daughter seem perfect, you will need to sit and have a conversation with him. When doing so, make sure you are not coming in with a tone that seems like your accusing him. You need to approch him being concrened in the situation.

Let him know that you are noticing what is going on with the favoritism he is showing his daughter. Share with him the times where you noticed it and how he has made her seem perfect when he shouldn’t have.

You will need to talk to the husband if he thinks his daughter is perfect.

It is also important to let him speak and say what he has on his mind so you can understand why he has been doing this because he might have a reason for doing this.

If your husband has developed a great relationship with his daughter, they will tend to develop a soft side for them and that feeling grows over time. It gets to the point where they might not even notice it at first so you coming to tell him this might come as surprise for him.

When you have discussed how you felt, explain to him why you feel that way and the potential problems that might occur in the future if this keeps happening.


After discussing with the father the situation at hand, it is time to come up with a resolution.

This can mean him realizing that he is making his daughter seem perfect and him admitting that it needs to be toned down. It can also mean that you understand the reason he is doing this and that might change your stance on what is going on.

There can be an underlying cause to why he is treating her that way. Many times, when females become insecure about something and share that insecurity with the parent, it will cause the parent to dish out more support and love than usual towards them and that feeling might be what keeps the daughter in a good mental state.

If this is the case, you should respect that decision because that is a gesture your husband is trying to do to make her feel better.

As much as a strong love and support system is important though, there needs to be a limit on how much a specific child should receive. Going overboard on one child can create a false reality for the child which can eventually backfire in the future so your husband needs to understand that point.

Important Note

When you are in this situation, try not to insert the daughter in between this and involve her in all of this dilemma. The one thing you should definitely avoid would be to go against the daughter and start treating her differently.

Many parents in this situation will start to go against the favored child and will treat them differently than they used to. This will cause a bigger division in the family and will lead to more drama down the line.

Try to understand why the husband does that.

This is especially true if she is a teenager. The last thing you want is for your daughter to start hating you and love the father even more.

Final Thoughts

Many mothers have gone through situations where they have to think or say “my husband thinks his daughter is perfect”.

It can be a bad feeling to go through knowing that she is getting treated at a higher standard than normal which can cause many problems. Things like boosted ego, jealousy, and many more problems can arise from this and your husband needs to know about this.

You would first remember all the situations where your husband has done this, then you would essentially talk to him about it and present those facts while also talking about what problems this might cause. Finally, you and your husband will come to an understanding and solve this problem together.