How to get grown son out of House

There comes a time where your children grow up and become adults. It’s also a time where they should become responsible for themselves but unfortunately, many don’t take action to do so. Many parents want to know how to get their grown son out of the house because of this issue. 

They think that kicking them out right of the bat is a good idea but not helping them become set up before doing so can cause many issues down the line.

Knowing how to get grown son out of house is important.

At the end of the day, he is your son and you as a parent want them best for them.

Before we get started, you should know that you are legally allowed to kick them out because at the age of 18, they are legally considered an adult and you can evict them off the property. 

Think About It First

Before doing all that though, you should first consider some aspects. If you are doing this out of tough love and because you want them to “man up”, it can actually backfire and cause problems.

If they are not causing any trouble at home and are good obedient children, there is no point in kicking them out until they are ready. As you may know, being an adult is hard especially if you are not ready or knowledgeable on how to live independently. 

If you are in a different situation where your son is not doing anything with his life and is causing trouble at home, then that is the appropriate time to kick your son out.

A talk needs to happen first before getting grown son out of house.

Many parents are faced with the situation where their son is not taking steps to better himself or to become independent.

Another situation would be if they are causing problems at home with things like drugs or violence. It is unfortunate that things like these happen but when it does, the best thing to do is let law enforcement handle it.

How Old Are They

The first aspect you should look at in this situation would be how old is the son. This is important because if you are trying to kick your son who just graduated high school and is not yet financially set up, they might not be ready to be on their own.

If they are a little older (25+), it can be an easier transition for them since they are a lot older. 

The reason why it is a problem to kick out someone who is still a fresh graduate would be because they might not know the basic essentials to take care of themselves. They haven’t experience the real world with your guidance so they will most likely experience many hardships.

The school system does not teach students how to manage their lives outside of school so it is up to the parents to do that job. If your son does not understand how to manage the basic aspects of life like how to do their taxes or open up a credit card, then he is not ready to be on his own.

How to Get your Grown Son out the House 

If you are still convinced that getting your grown son out of the house is the right idea, there will be steps to take and go over before they are ready for the transition. 


Making sure their financials are straight is an important factor.

The first and most important thing that needs to be discussed would be their financial situation. If they don’t have enough savings for at least a month, it might not be time to kick them out.

They need to also have a job that can support their basic living needs like rent, food, and transportation. If they don’t have a job, they should be looking for one.

The next step is to teach them about financial literacy. This is very important because if you don’t know how to use and manage your money, you will never get ahead in life.

Topics like how to save and invest or how to plan a budget are things that need to be learned if you are going to be living on your own. 


The next thing that needs to be discussed would be what their plan is. Having a plan is very important because not having a sense of direction in life can lead to problems down the road. 

Have a talk with them about what steps they are going to take to set themselves up for success. Are they going to college? Starting a business? Working a regular 9-5? 

They should have a plan of what path they want to take and if they don’t or unsure, you can help them with setting one up. 

Another important factor to talk about would be where are they going to live. If they have friends that are also planning to move out, it can be a good idea to become roommates with them since it is someone that he knows. 

Living on your own can be costly and it starts becoming tough to get ahead in life if you are spending most of your money just on essential needs. This is why finding roommates can be very beneficial. 


When a timeline is set of when they will be moving out, this will be the time where they should prepare for the transition. For example, if they are going to be working a job, show them how they can apply and how to fill out a resume.

Anyone that is moving out needs to be prepared.

Another example would be if they are going to college, you should be helping them understand what financial aid is and how they can get it. 

They also need to understand things like how to find a place to rent, how to buy a car, how to apply for health/car insurance. These things are essential and if they don’t have a basic understanding of things like that, they will be overwhelmed. 

Once they have set up all these things, it is time to say goodbye and it is time for your son to move out. 

Final Thoughts

As a parent, you are faced with 2 different outcomes when your child becomes older. Some will have to deal with their 18- year old wanting to move out right away while other parents will have to deal with trying to get their children out of the house.

Knowing how to get a grown son out of the house can be hard and without the proper steps, it can cause major problems. It is no easy task to become an adult and it takes years to really experience the world.

If your son is responsible and seems independent, it will not be a hard transition but if they are still young and irresponsible, this will be a hard move for them.

Remember that at the end of the day, once they turn 18, they are considered legal adults and you can get them out of your house if you want to. 

Before doing so, make sure they are ready because adulting is not an easy task to do but with the proper steps and guidance, they can have a smooth transition.