Should I Let My Daughter Wear A Thong Bathing Suit?

As our kids get older they might try to push the limits with their fashion choices. It can be difficult to decide what’s appropriate for your daughter to wear and at what age. As they mature and their bodies change, you might find yourself shocked when you see what she tries to walk out of the house wearing. It can be really hard to handle when our daughters want to wear revealing, sexy clothes and swimsuits like a thong bathing suit.

Should I Let My Daughter Wear A Thong Bathing Suit?

Understand Why She Wants To Wear A Thong Bathing Suit

Go shopping with your daughter. Let her pick out some styles she likes and some styles you like. Have her try some on. See what she really thinks about wearing a thong when she has to step out of the dressing room with a bare behind. She might change her mind on her own. Find out why she wants a bathing suit that will show off her naked backside. 

Maybe you can compromise with her. You might be able to find some high hip bikinis that show a little more cheek without being a thong. Ultimately you’re the one that has the final say. If you think her choices show too much or won’t even stay on properly while she is active and swimming, don’t let her buy them. There is a difference between a string bikini and something with a little more material to keep everything securely in place.

If you outright forbid your daughter from wearing a thong bathing suit, she might just do it behind your back. Try to meet in the middle and help her find something you can live with. If you stop her right off the jump, be prepared to hear about it again or face an argument if she wants to wear one. Ask her if her friends are wearing these styles and what kind of reactions they get. Find out why she thinks people wear revealing clothing and what message she wants to send with her clothing choices.

Discuss Fashion And What Different Styles Mean To Her

Guide her and tell her your opinion, but in the end, try to let her decide for herself. Ask her why she thinks wearing a thong is a good idea, remind her that wearing a thong can attract negative attention and staring. She could be targeted by creeps at the pool or beach. No, it’s not her problem that society is the way it is but at least she will be prepared for reality. You don’t want her to be uncomfortable with her body but you want her to be aware of your concerns. 

Look up some of the latest swimwear trends for the season. Check them out together and see which ones catch her eye. You will get a little insight into what the latest style is. Talk about women’s fashion and what it means to her. Would she be okay wearing this in front of her grandma or some younger kids? Celebrity swimwear images in the media can also influence their choices, especially if they like to dress like their favorite star. 

We can use what we wear to express ourselves. The fashion choices we make can send a message. Talk about why she thinks people wear thong bathing suit. If she wants to be sexy and show off her assets there are plenty of suits that can do the job without showing so much skin. Talk about being classy and tasteful. A little mystery and leaving something to the imagination can be a good thing.

Don’t Belittle Her Or Be Judgemental

Styles have changed and what was considered taboo when you were a kid is mild compared to some of the trends teens pick up on today. The fashion world has changed. We don’t want to shame our girls for expressing themselves and wearing what makes them feel good. This isn’t about what you want to wear because it’s her swimsuit, not yours. Respect that it’s ok for her taste to be different than yours.

It’s hard to find your own style when you’re growing up. Expect your daughter to go through some trial and error phases. Lots of celebrities and influencers are accentuating their backsides and wearing thong bathing suits. Women’s confidence movements drive girls to break out of their comfort zones. Let her wear what makes her feel confident. 

Don’t nag her about her swimwear. You don’t want to damage her self-esteem or start an argument. Give her some tools to help her make the best choice. Let the final decision be hers. She will be happy that you trust her judgment and are confident in her ability to make the right decision. You’re just trying to help. You don’t want her to think you are disappointed in her because she wants to wear a thong bathing suit.

The World May not Have Caught Up Yet

Unfortunately, there are still people and even laws that are against women wearing thong bikinis. It might not be a matter of whether you allow her to wear it but whether the rules allow her to wear it.

A surprising amount of beaches, pools, and even states prohibit women from wearing that kind of swimwear. Most notably, until recently, South Corlina had what was commonly called the no cheek rule. Essentially meaning that no person would be permitted to show their butt cheeks in public. This included the beach.

Check out this video where a woman was actually detained in Myrtle beach for wearing a thong bikini.

Check Out The Latest Styles For Her Age Group 

See if any other parents you know are dealing with the same issue. What opinions do other moms and dads have about their daughters wearing thong swimsuits? Find out how popular the trend is with girls her age. If she is way too young then the answer is a clear no. She will have to wait until you think she is mature enough to even consider wearing such revealing swimwear. 

Are thong bathing suits that popular? Look around in the mall and see what’s trending. These suits might be more common than you think. If she can’t find the style she’s describing in the junior’s or women’s section, maybe it is a little too sexy for her. Suits that are appropriate for her age range should be found in the same section as her clothing.  

Changing bodies can spark interest in more adult clothing styles. Puberty and pressure to fit in with peers can also cause your daughter to want to wear a thong bathing suit. She’s at a tough age. Don’t let it cause too much friction and tension. See what you can do by talking about her options and shopping together. You might be able to find a swimsuit that everybody can live with. 

Be Supportive No Matter What

What your daughter wears doesn’t determine who she is. As long as she is following your rules and being responsible, give her some freedom. Her clothing can offer a new form of self-expression and freedom. Try not to make your daughter feel like she’s in trouble or has made you angry.

You want your daughter to trust you and be able to come to you with anything. If you don’t try to understand her point of view she may just shut you out completely. Help her build enough self-confidence to feel good in anything she wears. Being beautiful isn’t all about showing more skin. It should be about feeling pretty in any kind of bathing suit she chooses. 

It’s ok for your daughter to want to shop for more feminine clothing and feel attractive, you want her to be happy with what she’s wearing. Let her make her own style choices as much as possible, even if you don’t think it looks good. Your daughter should respect your rules and wear clothing that’s suitable for the occasion she’s attending. Let her know when she’s wearing something that makes you uncomfortable and explain why you feel that way.