Child Doesn’t Like Private School

We all want to give our sons/daughters the best education possible, but what if your child doesn’t like private school?

You need to create a strategy that helps make attending private school seems like a good idea.

You want your child to thrive and be happy at their school. They have to be introduced to the idea as gently as possible. You want to make a good impression on him/her when you’re trying to convince your child that a private school is the best option. Let’s talk about some ways to get your child excited about private school. 

Help Your Child See the Opportunity Private School Offers

Maybe your child can talk to a trusted family member or friend about going to private school. Hearing about the benefits of a private school from someone your child looks up to can be a big help. Sometimes parents need a little reinforcement to help their children see their point. 

Having some fresh perspective could help bolster your efforts. Your ultimate goal is to have all of the important people in your child’s life backing the idea. If their favorite uncle expresses that he thinks private school is awesome, he might be able to help you tip the scales.

Better Curriculum

Private schools offer better programs. Their classroom sizes are smaller and more focused on individualized education. If your child needs a little more help than others, private schools can provide the instruction he/she needs to excel. 

If your child is gifted and more suited to an accelerated curriculum, a private school can accommodate. Teachers in private schools have better training and more experience than public school teachers. They know how to tailor lessons to fit their students’ needs. 

Better Programs

Sports and arts programs at private schools have more funding, access to better equipment, and better coaching staff. Sometimes activities are even worked into the curriculum.

These schools offer more clubs and sports for your child to participate in than public options. Your son/daughter will have more chances to find their niche. Convince your student that private school will help them make it to the next level and give them more opportunities to pursue their dreams.

Don’t Be a Dictator About Private School

Listen to your child’s struggles and concerns as they navigate their education. Don’t be aggressive and forceful about your son/daughter going to private school. You don’t want your child to automatically reject the idea because you’re imposing it on them.

Kids are sensitive, they have legitimate concerns to address and can experience intense emotions. Making new friends isn’t easy for everyone. Be understanding about your child’s concerns. School is a big part of their world.

Discuss the Transition

This can be a big decision and a huge change for a young person to handle. Private school tuition is hefty but is worth it if you want your son/daughter to get better and make significant progress with their education.

Do your research and get some advice so you can make the best presentation possible about private school to your child. Telling your child they’re going to private school instead of discussing it with them first probably won’t get the best reaction. You want to help your child to learn to think through situations and make the best decision for themselves.

Show Your Child the Benefits of Private School

Make your child like the idea and you are all set. Be subtle and keep making suggestions until he/she thinks private school is better. Find an opportunity to show your child the perks of private school.

Attend a game or sporting event and see what it’s like. Just visiting the school may be enough to open your son/daughter’s eyes to how much nicer it is. Once your child is experiencing the fun and special aspects of private school they will be less likely to complain about it.

Child Doesn’t Like Private School

You Want Your Child to Get the Best Education Possible

Private schools usually hold their students to a higher standard than public schools. The curriculum is more advanced than in public schools. Students learn more valuable lessons earlier and are better prepared for college.

If your student is bored with the work and finishing assignments quickly, he/she may be better suited to a private school that is more likely to challenge them. If your student is focused on academics and wants to excel, specialized programs at private schools can put him/her on the fast track to success. 

Specialized Instruction 

If your child has special needs, private schools are excellent. They create tailored programs to help students excel. The specialized attention your student will receive in private school could provide the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for in your child’s development.

They have fewer students to look after and can provide better care than public school settings. Private schools have experienced instructors that can figure out a plan to help your son/daughter grow and excel academically. Some public schools actually pay for private placement if your child isn’t benefiting from their programs. 

Private Schools Have Better Teachers and Equipment

Public schools are struggling everywhere. Some of them just can’t meet the needs of their students. Some schools have funding or staffing problems. Others have far too many students per classroom. Students can’t get one-on-one time with instructors when they’re competing with hundreds of other students for their time. 

Private schools are funded differently and can provide up-to-date lessons and technology that public schools simply can’t afford to supply their students. Private school is expensive, but more of the money is spent on bettering the school. Talk to your child about how much nicer the private school is than the alternative. 

student in classroom

Give Them Time to Decide if They Really Like Private School

Your son/daughter may be missing their old friends from public school. They may protest going to private school with a new group of peers. Try to ease their fears and reassure them that they can still have playdates with friends in their old school.

There will be many children from all different backgrounds in private school. Your child will have the opportunity to learn about new cultures and meet friends from a variety of backgrounds in private school. There are smaller class sizes so kids can form closer bonds with their classmates. 

Help Your Child When They Struggle 

If your child is struggling with the private school curriculum at first, try hiring a tutor. Someone other than you may have more ability to help your child learn complicated lessons when they’re having trouble. Help your son/daughter with homework assignments whenever they ask and provide support throughout the school switch. 

Any specialized learning resources that you can provide will help your child excel and thrive in private school. Encourage playdates and encourage your student to participate in group activities and get to know their new classmates better. You don’t want your son/daughter to feel lonely and isolated. 

Be Supportive

If you have tried everything and you can’t convince your child that private school is better, you may want to consider switching back. Make sure there is a break in the school year when you make the transition.

If you wait until a semester changes, your child will start at the same level as everyone else. There will be less confusion. Keeping track of progress and communicating with teachers at both schools is important. You want your child to feel confident and supported, wherever they are going to school.