Why is Living with your Parents Bad

Many people ask the question “Why is living with your parents bad”?

The answer to that stems from many different factors but it mostly has to do with maturing and privacy.

This is directed more towards people approaching their mid 20’s and above. Living with your parents as you grow older is not the best decision you want to make for yourself.

Reasons Why Living with your Parents is Bad

1. Maturity

The first and most important reason why still living with your parents is bad is because you don’t fully become mature until you leave the place where you grew up in and start a new life on your own.

Many people assume that being mature is having a job or going to college but if your parents are still cooking, cleaning, washing your clothes, or handling any type of responsibility for you, then you are still not fully mature. These little tasks might not seem like they matter much but it’s about the bigger picture.

There are many reasons Why is Living with your Parents Bad.

If someone still doing these little tasks for you, that means you still are not taking care of all your responsibilities which correlates not fully maturing into a responsible adult that handles all aspects of their life.

Lacking full maturity equals lacking full responsibility for your self which does not fully grow you as a person. There are many older teens that get kicked out of their homes at 18 and it ends up being a blessing in disguise.

That is because those 18-year-olds experience the real world on their own at such a young age that they are more prepared for handling life as they get older compared to the 22-year-old college graduates who still live with their parents.

The reason leaving your parent’s house matures you would be because you get to take responsibility for everything you do whether it’s paying rent, filing taxes, or applying for health and car insurance.

Living away from you parents also puts you through scenarios and experiences.

For example, if the car breaks down, the parents usually handle this situation, but when you don’t have the parent’s aid, you get to experience how to deal with that problem on your own and you learn. You will also have to pay out of your pocket compared to having your parents take care of it when you were still living at home.

It wakes you up as an individual when you go through these experiences and it will feel uncomfortable at first but an individual will grow from them and that learning moment will be beneficial as time goes on.

2. Privacy

The second reason why still living with your parents is not a good idea would be for privacy reasons.

Many times, parents can invade their son’s or daughter’s privacy out of curiosity and that causes many issues. Even people as close as family can be invasive of our own privacy and that is never a good feeling.

Many parents also want to know your every move and it can sometimes get annoying trying to explain where and why you are going somewhere.

Another big factor that plays into someones privacy is as you grow older, you will start dating, and many times, you will want to go home with the date and spend time there but it will not feel the same if you are still living with your parents because you will have little to no privacy.

Even if you are watching a movie or just having lunch in a room, your parents are still at the house and you won’t have full privacy in the vicinity.

If you and your significant other are serious in the next step of your relationship and you both want to live together, having your own place is a must.

If you just Graduated High School

Real-World Knowledge

If you are an 18-year-old who just graduated high school, it is smarter and more logical for you to stay at home and live with your parents because at that age, you have little to no real-world experience and you are most likely not financially ready to take the big step.

With you just graduating high school, the only knowledge you have came from school. Things like learning English, math, and science were what was taught to you as you go through the school system. What you don’t have a clue on is how to file taxes, buy or rent a house, and many more essential skills you need to know and have when you are living in the real world.

You need real world skills before you move out.

The school system does not cover any essential knowledge regarding how to be set up in life and they expect your parents to do it.

Unfortunately, the high schooler is too busy thinking and focusing on other things and they miss the opportunity to learn and by the time they graduate, they will not have any knowledge to help them become independent.

This is why it is recommended for any fresh high school graduate to live with their parents so they can learn all the essential knowledge they need to start being independent.


Another reason why a fresh highschool graduate shouldn’t leave their parent’s home right away would be because they are not financially ready at that age.

For the past 16 years of their life, they have been focusing on nothing but school and by the time they graduate and turn 18, many students have not worked a single day in their life which means they have no money saved up to support themselves.

As many adults know, living independent can be costly and many things happen that are unexpected. If an 18-year-old is going to be independent, it requires a strong mindset because it is not easy.

This is especially necessary if you are going to college and are taking a lot of classes. This will limit your time on working a job and you will need all your focus to graduate college.

A fresh high school graduate is not financially ready.

If you have to balance going to college and working a job while living independently, it will be a tough route to take. This is why it is better to start working a job while still living with their parents so they can save up some money to kick start their move of independence.

Important Note

This is only done so that the graduate can learn and become ready. People should not take advantage of using their parents as support because it will just hold the person back from maturing and gaining the experience of independence.

So as much as it feels good to still live and be supported by your parents when you are in your late teens/early twenties, it is important to take that step and move on so you can experience full maturity.

Final Thoughts

Living with your parents is bad for many different reasons but the 2 most major ones would be dealing with privacy and maturity. It is important for someone to take that step of independence so they can really understand the process of being an adult. Many parents kick their son out of their house so they can kick start their independence early.

Unless your parents need you to stay and help them with their physical or mental problems, no one should still be living with their parents and using their support as comfort. The person will never fully become mature and there will come a time where they will have to eventually take that step.

All in all, once you graduate high school, it is recommended to stay with your parents to become financially ready and to learn the knowledge needed to survive on your own. Then, when ready, take the leap of independence and move out of your parent’s house.