Should I let my Son have his Girlfriend in his Room?

Many parents have asked the question “Should I let my Son have his Girlfriend in his Room?”

Relationships are one of the greatest blessings someone can have and spending time with your loved ones is a treat. Whether it’s going out to the park for a picnic or watching a movie in the bedroom, it bonds the two together which will only lead to more a positive connection.

Should I let my Son have his Girlfriend in his Room is a common question.


The answer depends on many different factors that determine if it should be okay to let your son have his girlfriend in his room. It is not an easy topic to discuss because many parents have different opinions on this topic and rightfully so, every parent should make their own decision about how they feel.

So when reading through, consider some of the facts and have an open mind when making that decision.

Maturity and Age

The first factor that should be gone over would be if they are mature and old enough to stay in the room alone. This matters because you don’t know what happens behind closed doors so you have to trust that they are responsible enough to be in a room alone without any supervision.

If they are still young (Early teens) they will most likely not be mature enough to stay in the room alone. It takes years to build up a mature relationship and if your son wants to have his girlfriend in the room in a fresh relationship, it is most likely not the best idea for now.

Explain to him that it will take time to build up the maturity in the relationship before he can have his girlfriend in his room.

Once he has been with her for a while and you can sense that it is a real solid relationship, then it would be fine to have his girlfriend in the room.

The “Talk”

Another big factor that plays a role in this which most parents hate to think about but it is important would be to talk to him about sex education. This is the biggest issue when it comes to this topic because other than that, any 2 friends whether they are in a relationship or just friends should have the privacy of their own company.

Since the school system does not go over in detail about sex education and how to be mature enough when with the opposite sex in the room, we have to do that job to inform them.

They need to have the talk before having their girlfriend over.

Teens have a lot of hormones that start to appear and it is the time where they want to start experimenting which means they will have many temptations to commit sexual acts with their partner. A room with a closed door will give them an opportunity to do so.

It is every parents fear to know that your children are potentially sexually active not knowing the consequences of doing so.

If your son wants to have his girlfriend in his room, he needs to understand that the temptations will arise where they will want to commit sexual activities. He needs to be strong enough mentally not to fall into this trap because it can cause many problems down the line.

The short term pleasure does not worth the long term turmoil if he ends up getting his girlfriend pregnant at an early age.

Are Her Parents Fine With It?

Before making a decision, you should first see if her parents are fine with her doing this in the first place. It would not be fair for her parents to not know that she is going in the room with her boyfriend alone.

Parents that have daughters are very protective of them and it can make them nervous if they know that she is in the room alone with her boyfriend.

Although you truly don’t know if they are okay with it, still ask because you want to stay in the clear if they find out and are upset at you for letting them do this. If the girlfriend never asked and just brushed it off, you can use that to your defense.

Alternative Option

If you feel like they should not be alone in the room together but still want to give them some privacy, you can let them stay in the room but the door has to be open.

This might annoy them but if they are not ready to have that independence on their own, it is best to use this open door strategy until they are ready to have the door closed. Many people who have had their significant others over at a young age experienced this open door method and it doesn’t feel good at first but it has to be done.

Let your son know that this isn’t going to be forever and there will come a day where he is allowed to have closed doors but until then, he is going to have to be patient.

Why you should let your Son have his Girlfriend in his Room

After all the things above check out, having the girlfriend in his rom isn’t such a bad idea when you really think about it.


The first reason why you should allow your son to have his girlfriend in the room is for privacy reasons. Whenever you and a close person are together, especially a significant other, you want all the privacy you can get, and being in the room can provide that privacy.

Even though we have no idea what happens behind closed doors, they have the right to be in their private space.

Creates a Stronger Bond

Letting your son have his girlfriend in his room offers them privacy.

Another reason why it would okay to have her in his room would be because it will build a great bond between them.

As much as spending time outside creates a bond, having someone over at your home will make a difference. This is because that shows a sign of trust and love by allowing someone to come over to the place where you sleep and call home.

It also gives them a chance to see how they act around the home environment. If they are an older couple and are thinking of taking things to the next level, being in his room will be like their “first home” and will get the feeling of how things would be once they get their own place and move in together.

Safe Place

Another big reason why you should allow your son to have his girlfriend in his room would be because it would be a safe place to hang out. Many parents overlook that part and don’t realize that having them in the house in their own room is better than them being outside in an unsafe space.

Couples these days love to explore new things and will go places we as parents might not like so a way to deter that from happening would be to allow them to be in the room. I would rather have my son in the room with his girlfriend watching a movie than to be outside worried about their safety.

Final Thoughts

When wondering “should I let my son have his girlfriend in his room?” you need to consider some factors before doing so.

Having them in the same room isn’t a bad thing and can be something that is actually beneficial but there are steps to be taken for that to happen. They need to be old and mature enough to be able to do that.

If his girlfriend is controlling and does not like this idea, it might be time to deal with that issue with your son.

They also need to understand the temptations they will have when they are allowed and how to overcome them. All in all, if your son can prove that he is mature and ready enough to have his girlfriend in his room, then it shouldn’t be a problem at all.