Mommy and Toddler Exercise Classes

A key part of having a well-balanced life is to exercise regularly. This is why mommy and toddler exercise classes are very important. 

Many people wonder if you can even put your toddlers through an exercise routine and the answer is yes. It might not seem like the typical exercise adults would do but it has the same purpose which is to move your body and stay active. 

Kids that age are very energetic and they love to move around so setting up a mommy and toddler exercise routine can be very beneficial.

Mommy and toddler exercise classes are necessary.

It also helps the mother and child bond which is great for their relationship.

The great thing about making your toddler exercise at an early age is that they tend to continue to be active as they get older.

To set up these classes, you can choose a group of the activities listed below to incorporate in a class session. It is up to you how many activities or games you want to add depending on the day and how much time you have.

Keys to Remember

A key point to remember is that toddlers move in short bursts at a time and are not typically moving for a long period of time. They like to take many breaks so keep this in mind when you are setting up a class. 

If you notice your toddler is tired, don’t keep pushing him and let them take breaks accordingly. Our goal is to make them have fun while exercising, not gas out. With that being said, here are some great mommy and toddler exercise classes you can do.

1. Tag

Toddlers love to run and use up their energy and what better way to do that other than playing a game of tag. This exercise requires a bigger space to play in so the park can be a perfect place. 

If you have an access to a backyard then this can also work if the park is not an option. This game gets the kid excited while also has him moving.

While this game may seem simple, it can be lots of fun for not only the toddler but for the mother.

2. Simon Says

Simon says is a great game to play with your toddler because it involves many different movements or motions. 

It involves things like jumping, squatting, raising of the hands and many more movements. 

Their imagination will come out and with so many options that can be done, this activity can be played many times without the toddler being bored.

3. Sports

One of the best exercises you can do wether your an adult or a toddler is to play a sport. 

Sports can be a great form of exercise for the toddler.

Sports are great because they are a form of exercise that is fun and also offers great benefits for the toddler

The benefits I am talking about have to do with their comprehension and communication skills. 

1. Comprehension Skills

One of the most important skills that needs to be developed at an early age is comprehension skills. This means being able to understand things going on around you and being able to take and give instructions to people. 

Sports involves many different aspects of comprehension from learning the rules, to knowing what is going on in the game at any moment.

This is why sports are great for strengthening a toddler’s comprehension skills because they will be learning rules and aspects of a game and the more they play and learn, the better the skill will be.

2. Communication Skills

Another skill that is necessary to the development of kids would be communication skills.

Sports require lots of communication between players and coaches. The constant talking back and forth can strengthen anyone’s talking skills and when it comes to developing this skill for toddlers, sports are one of the best ways to do that.  

As you read through, you now know why sports can be considered one of the best activities to add to a mommy and toddler’s exercise regime. 

The sport my kids enjoyed the most is basketball. The set I recommend is the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set. 

I still remember the first time I set this up for them. They wanted to play everyday and it brought joy that they were having fun while also being active . This should be every parents goal because this habit will only lead to positive things down the line.

The thing I like the most about this set was that it is a durable basketball hoop that can withstand many toddlers playing on it for long periods of time. To view this basketball set, click here and start the toddler’s journey into becoming active in sports. 

4. Playground

A great thing about parks is the most offer a playground for kids to play on. Taking them to the park to let them play is a great addition you can add to an exercise class. 

A great place to have an exercise class would be the playground.

The climbing and running will exert their energy while also providing adventurous feeling. 

Since they are still toddlers, the mother should be aware of where they are on the playground and should be standing next to or close to them.

Obviously, giving them the freedom to move around is key but it is also important that they are safely playing without being put in a position where they can get injured or hurt. 

If you are at the park and need more ideas for outdoor activities to do with your child, here is a guide on what activities can be done in the great outdoors.

5. Catch 

A great activity that can be incorporated in a mommy and toddler exercise class is catch.

The game of catch is very simple but fun and the great thing about it is that it can be played anywhere. 

6. Jumping Jacks

Another great exercise a toddler and their mother can do is jumping jacks.

This exercise requires no equipment and can be done anywhere. A tip I would recommend when doing these exercises is to play music in the background to make it more enjoyable. 

7. Move ‘N Groove Kids

One of the best at home exercises you can do is through video instruction. 

Indoor exercise DVD's work great for toddlers and their mother.

The one I use is the Move ‘N Groove Kids video set. After using this set many times, I have to say that it is one of my favorite toddler exercises to do and it has never disappointed me. 

It came with 3 different DVDs that offered a variety of fun exercises and activities toddlers can understand and enjoy. My toddlers really enjoyed doing them with me and always wanted to watch the videos when it was time to exercise.

Click here to check out the Move ‘N Groove Kids set and open up the world of at home exercises to your toddlers.

Final Thought 

Doing mommy and toddler exercise classes are very important when you are raising a child. Kids who are physically active at a young age tend to live a healthier lifestyle as they grow older because exercise becomes a routine in their lives. 

With the different games and activities listed, your job as a mother is to choose a few activities you want to do for the exercise session. After a while, your kids will stick to a few they like and that is the time where you know which exercises they would want in a class. 

Toddlers have a lot of energy to let go of and the best way they can do that is through exercises. Many parents struggle to keep up with energetic kids so this is why doing these classes is beneficial for both the toddler and parents.