Babies Watching TV at 3 Months

Babies Watching Tv at 3 months is a widely debated topic in parenting circles. The first few months when the baby has arrived tend to be the most difficult. There’s a lot of restlessness for both us and the baby.

Most parents barely have enough patience to put up with it all, resulting in them resorting to screens as a distraction. Without hesitation, this becomes their go-to source when things get tough without considering the negative effects that this could cause. For them, this is a win-win situation as long as the crying stops. The ages of 0-5 are the most crucial for your young ones to grow and develop their brains. We must take precautions with everything we allow our children to consume.

Babies Watching TV at 3 Months

So the question we have all be asking our selves is tv good for babies around 3 months old. Studies show it is not the best resource for their growth. This is simply because too much television has more negative than positive effects on your little one’s mental growth as well as the way they behave.

Health specialists also advise parents not to expose infants of this age especially, to any visual effects as this can greatly affect the development of the baby’s eyes. Another key point to note is that what they watch affects them equally as much as the amount of time they watch TV. With the increase in digital developments its almost impossible to keep them away from a screen nowadays. It’s very easy to turn the TV on, as long as it does the job of hushing them up and keeping them distracted for long periods of time.

It also seems more and more impossible to babies from watching tv at 3 months because even when they are not watching themselves, they are still passively doing so when mom or dad is watching their favorite TV show. It would be enough to conclude that 50% of infants  time is consumed around screens

Here are a few things to take into consideration before excessively exposing infants to screen time.

Other studies show that most infants who spend their time around television usually have delayed developments in language and speech. This is due to a lack of socializing and human interaction. Among other health issues, ear damage or hearing issues can be a result of loud volume from television speakers or earphones which most parents think are a good idea to keep them distracted. Most of these sounds are harmful to their very fragile ears. More care and awareness  is greatly advised when it comes to noises around infants

Infant television programs are a growing industry that claims to be educational for infants. We as parents always hear the so-called good claims these shows do towards our infant’s growth and turn a blind eye to the adverse effects which are a greater concern. This false advertising has lead to a significant number of kids with discipline issues around other people, as well as delayed learning patterns due to lack of social exposure. Even in the later stages of their lives, we tend to raise teenagers with social withdraw symptoms and lots of insecurities. Teens who would rather spend the majority of their time in their room constantly on a screen. It becomes the new normal for them. A great deal of this needs to be addressed before the next generation continues this lifestyle.

Infants around this age who have had excessive exposure of screen time also show shorten night sleep compared to those with less than one hour of exposure. The baby’s rest also directly affects your own. Keep both your child and yourself rested by limiting screen time.

Baby Watching TV

Before looking into solutions, you need to understand that babies and toddlers are social learners. Their cognitive abilities are greatly improved by events such as playing with their mom and dad, singing, and being around infants their age. Every minute spent in front of a screen is one less minute learning to socialize with the outside world.

Infants are easily distracted which is why it’s also a good idea to separate a quiet room from a playroom. Where the noise of television is distant and allows them the necessary peace. During this time when the baby is separated from the noise is a great bonding period for the mother or father with the baby. Some fun activities you can engage infants in around this age are, gently swaying their arms and feet, stack blocks, and let them feel and play around with them. Bonding with baby in simple ways like this is more effective and harmless for their brain than watching television.

Keep infants distracted with television might be easier but it’s not optimal for their health. If you’re struggling to find ways to keep them busy I suggest singing to them, allow them to crawl around a safe area with toys, long strolls to the park, or even setting up play dates with other parents. A fun game I also recommend is painting. Use safe paint and some paper then dip your baby’s hands in it…. Allow them to mess the paper with their handprints as they please. But be cautious that they don’t ingest it.

Allowing your baby to grow in a sound environment helps them in the future to be more attentive and social adults. It’s the little things, like spending quality playtime with their parents that will make a difference in a child’s life.

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