How to Motivate a Lazy 20 Year Old

Knowing how to motivate a lazy 20 year old can be an easy process if the right steps are taken. Motivation is something that everyone needs in their daily life and finding a source can be hard because our life is filled with problems that throw us off track.

Many people who achieve great things also go through motivational slumps from time to time but they find ways to recover. If the 20-year-old is constantly unmotivated, it might be due to some factors that we will talk about below.

Finding the Reason

Before we start trying to motivate the 20-year-old, we need to find out first why they are lazy and unmotivated. It can stem from many different reasons and knowing which one is important because every type of problem requires a special type of answer.


One of the main reasons people can become lazy and unmotivated is due to depression. In fact, research has shown that if you have symptoms of depression, you will most likely experience laziness and being unmotivated

How to Motivate a Lazy 20 Year Old can be easy.

The reason for that is because depression is a hard mental battle that can drain someones energy and focus. It also causes them to not want to do anything thought the day.

Symptoms of depression include:

  1. Lack of desire to do enjoyable activities
  2. Less Energetic
  3. Trouble Concentrating

There are many more symptoms that deal with depression but these 3 highlight the problem that the 20-year-old might be facing. If you notice other depressive moods like sadness, you can be dealing with a bigger problem at hand that will require in-depth treatment.

No Goals

Another reason why a 20-year-old might be lazy and unmotivated is because they have no goals set to try and achieve. Goals are very important because they are the reason people wake up and try hard every day in life.

If you have no goals, you have nothing to work towards which will lead to someone being unmotivated and lazy.

No Motivational Source

The last reason why the 20-year-old might be feeling that way is because there isn’t any motivational source coming to him or her. We become motivated by what is around us and if they are not receiving motivational content daily, they will never be able to get out of that slump.

How to Start Motivating a Lazy 20-Year-Old

To start motivating a lazy 20 year old, you have to implement things for them to follow because if not, it will be hard to achieve.

One of the things that will have to be implemented is discipline. It is the pathway between someone who wants and someone who does. The 20 year most likely has things they want to achieve but they have no discipline in doing them.

To have the proper discipline in you, it will take different components to fulfill that need.

Have a Purpose

The first step in helping motivate the 20-year-old is to help them find a purpose. This is different than setting a goal because having a purpose is something that drives you to wake up every day and go a hundred percent.

For example, people that have had traumatic childhoods have a purpose they work for which is to provide their future family with a good life so they don’t experience the same trauma. Their “purpose” of not wanting their future family to go through these experiences is what motivates them not to be lazy so they work hard every day for that purpose.

Ask the 20 year old to look back at a time or experience that has made them feel down and that should be their purpose to work hard.

Was it a heart break? Being cut from a sports team? Lost a job?

There are many factors someone can choose to have their purpose be about. The 20-year-old can write their purpose on a piece of paper so they can remember what they are working for.

Set Goals

Setting goals is important to become motivated.

The next step to motivate a lazy 20 year old is to help them set goals.

Ask them to write down what they would like to accomplish in 5, 10, and 20 years. These will ultimately be the goals that they are going to try and achieve. It is important to have short term goals because they will guide the person on what you need to do in a short amount of time.

Think of it like building a rocket.

The person knows that the end result should be a rocket but to have that end result, the person has to read the instructions guide and do the little steps to assemble the rocket.

This is the same thing as setting long and short term goals.

Long term goals are like the finished rocket and short term goals are the assembly process of the rocket. You cant achieve a long term goal without having short term goals instructing you how to assemble your long term goal.

Once the 20 year old understands that, they will be able to come up with long term goals that will lead them to create short term goals.

More Motivational Environment

One of the most important things that need to be done is to place the 20-year-old in a motivational environment.

The reason they are not motivated is because they are not receiving any source of it. Motivation comes from many different sources and it seems like the 20-year-old either does not have a source or it is not strong enough to emotionally move them. There are many times where even some motivational content isn’t good enough for some people and they need more just to execute their daily tasks.

The reason why motivation is so important is because it is the fuel for the brain.

Think of it like a car. For the car to keep moving, it needs fuel. If you put in bad quality fuel, the car will not last long, it will break down many times, and the life of the car won’t last long. Now on the other hand, if the driver puts the best quality of fuel, the car will last longer and will require less attention since it is being run by the best quality of gas.

This is the same thing when it comes to our brain. We want to feed our brain with the best fuel and that would be motivational content. If we are feeding the brain bad things like scrolling through social media or watching too much tv, it will not take long before the brain of that person shuts down and is not motivated to do anything to better themselves.

This is what might be happening to the 20-year-old. If they have not fed their brain with enough positive motivational content, it might have shut down their brain and is causing them to be unmotivated and lazy.

Another explanation for this issue would be by looking at the brain like a muscle. If someone does not train their muscle consistently, they will lose strength and will have to retrain it so they can have it at full capacity.

This is the same approach the 20 year old should have. They need to train their brain in order to stay motivated and not be lazy.

To gain motivation, they should

  1. Watch videos or scroll through pictures that have motivational content.
  2. Have motivational pictures or artwork in their room or desk
  3. Surround them selfs with other motivated people

It will take time and effort but with enough motivation coming towards them, they will be able to turn that unmotivated spirit into a motivated one.


The next step into helping a lazy unmotivated 20 year old is to suggest that they meditate.

Meditation is a great way to clear your mind from your daily problems and to be relaxed. It’s also a time where you reflect and think about life and by doing that, the 20-year-old will look back and see that they are not achieving their goals and excelling every day.

This might cause a reaction out of them and they will realize that they have not been using their time wisely.

It will also help them think about what goals they want to achieve in this life so mediation is a great way to open and clear up the mind.


Another great way to overcome laziness and start to become motivated would be to exercise.

Exercising every day can turn the laziness to success.

There are many ways the 20-year-old can exercise. Whether it’s playing a sport, going to the gym, or simply going on a hike, there are many things someone can do to get in at least 30 minutes a day of physical activity.

It is known that exercise helps with mental health so this can be the corner stone of the 20 year olds journey to become motivated and active.

Final Thought

Knowing how to motivate a lazy 20 year old can be hard if you don’t have the proper information. Finding a source of motivation is important because it is what drives us every day to be better than we were yesterday.

The 20-year-old is clearly unmotivated and lazy due to their circumstances and it is our job to help change that. The earlier you start, the better because it will help the 20-year-old get back on track to excel in life.

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